My Bipolar is now in the works.

Now that Whiskey and Pickles: A Collection of Short Fiction, is out the door and published on Amazon, I am working on my next of two books, an non-fiction work called My Bipolar. I am writing it daily and since I am not a psychiatrist, a psychotherapist, or any OTHER person who suffers from bipolar disorder, I am writing a book about my experience of 20+ years in dealing with the illness. It is my perspective: My Bipolar. I hope to have it completed in the late fall and the plan now is to publish it as an e-book on Amazon around the same time. It’s purpose it to help others to deal with their illness from my experience, and encouragement. The target audience is those with one of the various flavors of bipolar disorder, or those who support us. I hope you will give it a look, that you will find it helpful and that you will love it.

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